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A roofer from Carl Fontenot Residential Roofing will take good care of your property, and make sure that the results meet our exacting standards. We have a long history of good service, and we intend to continue on that path.

No residential roofing installation or repair job is too large or too small for Carl Fontenot Residential Roofing. Weíre happy to do basic tasks like roof maintenance, including new roofs and gutters so as to keep your property in good shape.


If you are building a new house or just looking for some exterior home improvement to update an older home, our roofing contractor will help you navigate through several available options for color, durability, and texture. We provide high-quality roofing service with the best compliments of your style and budget.

From rustic roof tiles to metal, we have the skills to perform a residential roof installation. With excellent workmanship, we are always clean and safe when on the job. We know how important your home is to you and we keep the insurance of our roofer up-to-date.

If you have a wood roof, dry-rot can cause serious damage to your homeís infrastructure and be dangerous to your familyís health. Specializing in residential roofing service, we handle everything from roof repairs, leaks, missing shingles, siding, and replacement of skylights.

Our roofing contractor wants you to trust in the work we do and feel confident that we have the knowledge and skills to complete the job per quality industry specifications.

Roof Repair

At Carl Fontenot Residential Roofing, we provide high-quality roof repairs with the best compliments to your style and budget.

We have a skilled roofing team to repair the roof of your choosing. Each roofing contractor is talented with excellent workmanship; we are always clean and safe when on the job. We know how important your home is to you.

Flat roofing repair is one area of roofing with the least amount of standardized training available. At our roofing company, we are ready to answer any questions you may have about the process and products of any roof repairs project.

Residential Roof Installation

Installing new roofs can be an exciting project. Before starting with the residential roof installation, you first have to decide on the type of roof. If the roof is for a workplace or an office, a flat roof might be the best choice. Alternately, if itís for a house, you may want to pick something thatís a bit fancier.
Be sure to hire a good roofing contractor so as to install the new roof. A poorly made roof can quickly become a huge problem, one that might necessitate extensive roof repairs or even replacement. You wonít have to worry about such things with reliable roofing service at Carl Fontenot Residential Roofing.

Also, keep in mind that the condition of the roof can have a big effect on the propertyís resale value. For this reason, you may want to have something that is fairly easy to keep in good condition, like a metal roof. A professional roofer can assist you in selecting a roof that is suitable for your specific needs.

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