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"No job too big. No job too dangerous. With over 40 YEAR of experience during times of major, natural disasters, and the everyday Florida living, Grant's Tree Service, Inc. has absolutely mastered the art of nearly all things trees with our specialty in emergency care and large tree removal. Our quick response teams are here for you. Grant's Tree Service, Inc. is fully equipped with all of the necessary heavy machinery; from cranes to bucket trucks to logging tractors, to handle all of your emergency tree service needs. We are indeed ready for any job with our 24-HR EMERGENCY SERVICE response teams. More specifically, Grant's Tree Service, Inc. specializes in emergency tree removal caused by disastrous storm weather, as well as diseased trees that may be weak even to the touch. We also are equipped to handle those pesky trees located in the most cumbersome of places. As one of the leaders in customer care, our services come with the promise of quality, dedication, and most importantly, satisfaction. Licensed and insured. IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF EMERGENCY TREE CARE, WE CAN'T BE BEAT.

Services that we offer are 24-Hour emergency services, large tree removal, tree trimming, tree removal with stump grinding. We also provide hurricane tree preparations. In Florida, we all know how valuable that is. With the dangers of large limbs crashing down and possibly the entire tree, we do our best to aid in prevention. Though no one can predict what will happen in a storm or in life, there are some steps we can take to best avoid major damages in times of uncertainty.

When it comes to HURRICANE PREPARATIONS, having been in Central Florida since the start of business in 1979, we love our home. Even more important, we know our home. And that means that odds, being in the state of Florida, you are very likely to experience the effects of at least one hurricane a year. Taking the time to get your property "hurricane ready" will not only save you money, but it could also save you from major damages and possible injury. That a peace of mind that no dollar amount can be placed on. It has been our experience that owners who wait until after the storm has done its damages, end up losing irreplaceable items, have to take more time from work to get affairs in order and are often displaced because a fallen tree has caused unlivable conditions.

We, here at Grantís Tree Service, offer each of you your individualized personalized free hurricane preparation evaluation. During your inspection, your professional estimator will put together the best plan of action for your property. He/she will review with you any trees or limbs that he/she believes may cause any unforeseen problems because oftentimes, while a tree may appear healthy, it might be diseased, decayed, weak and hollowed on the inside. Allows us to see you through with a simple review and free estimate.

Please know, there is the occasion when a tree is removed for cosmetic purposes. It happens more than you would believe. It's a very understood reason. Grant's Tree Service, on behalf of our environment and planet, will always recommend replacing that larger tree with a smaller one. But this time, you can plant it... where you want it!"

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