Best Insurance Companies In America For 2022

Forbes has released its list of the Best Insurance Companies in America for 2022, which examined over 4,200 insurers but named only 90 on its list.

Mercury issued a news release announcing that it had been recognized as one of the Best Insurance Companies for 2022 as named by Forbes.

The partnership with Statista examined customer survey results for over 4,200 American insurers in order to develop the ranking.

The ranks were established in part based on the customer general satisfaction with their current insurer, their likelihood of recommending a company, and five other factors such as customer service, financial advice, transparency, price/performance ratio, and damage/benefit ratio.

With the data from the surveys, a loyalty score was calculated. This was based on a range of questions regarding whether the customers would stay with their existing policy under various types of circumstances. It also factored in the total length of time customers have already had their policies with the same insurer.

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